Unfortunately, eyebrow tattoo Melbourne can be corrected with the help of modern and painless methods that do not leave scars. Improperly shaped eyebrows can spoil the appearance of even a girl with perfect facial features beyond recognition. You can assess the result only after a month when the skin is fully healed and the natural shade of pigment appears.

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Signs of failed eyebrow tattoo

What problems women may encounter after a tattoo:

inappropriate eyebrow colour;

unnatural shade (red, blue, green);

gaps in the paint;

uneven line of the arch;


Reasons why eyebrow tattooing can be unsuccessful

Failed tattooing is undoubtedly unpleasant, but any mistake can be corrected by correction, laser or remover. The reasons for failure can be:

Mistake of the master. Incorrectly selected techniques without considering the peculiarities of the client's skin can even entail a long period of rehabilitation and the appearance of scars. Qualified specialists always use sterile instruments. During the procedure, you should not feel discomfort. If, after healing, tattooing eyebrows look asymmetrical and it is seen that the colour is distributed unevenly, this is an apparent mistake of the master.

Improper skincare before and after the procedure. It is necessary to pay attention to the recommendations of specialists. You can not do permanent on a fresh tan; after the process, you can not wet your eyebrows, go outside without sunglasses and go to the pool.

Peculiarities of metabolism. In young girls, permanent make-up disappears faster due to accelerated metabolism. If the skin is prone to greasiness, there is a high probability that the pigment will not take root entirely after the first session, but this can be corrected at the following correction.

The transition of paint in unnatural shades. If the master uses low-quality pigments, they can go into blue, red and green tones over time. In this case, you must top paint the eyebrows with shadows or pencil to disguise the unsightly colour. The studio of permanent make-up BROVI Permanent Make Up uses author's pigments by Anna Kutsevolova. A broad palette of shades allows you to find the perfect image for girls with any appearance.

Consequences of unsuccessful tattooing

The consequences of unsuccessful tattooing include shapeless eyebrows, uneven distribution of colour, incorrect positioning of the eyebrows on the face, scars and scars.

Only sometimes successful tattooing can be covered by correction. If the pigment is introduced too profoundly, it may not come off independently even after five years. That is why turning to professionals who guarantee good results is so important.

When it is possible to correct the situation

You can correct unsuccessful powder eyebrows after a month of the correction. The master will restore the shape and colour. The tone can be made darker or lighter; the gaps are tinted. If the result does not suit you, you can resort to the complete removal of the tattoo.

Methods of correction and removal


In the vastness of the Internet, you can find a folk way to correct the saturated shade by injecting hydrogen peroxide under the skin, which will partially destroy the pigment. At home, do not try to fix unsuccessful eyebrow tattooing: this can lead to inflammation and scars.

Chemical agent

An unsuccessful eyebrow tattoo Melbourne is effectively removed with a remover. Remover is a chemical substance injected with needles at the pigment level under the skin. The procedure is identical to tattooing; instead of dye, a remover is introduced. The remover breaks down the pigment and removes it from the skin.


Lighten unsuccessful eyebrow tattooing is tried with the help of grinding. Sea salt and other abrasives are used as a scrub. The procedure should be done in a clinic with a professional; otherwise, incorrect actions can lead to non-healing abrasions.


Electrical impulses break down the pigment and are brought to the skin's surface with lymph. The procedure is excruciating and unsuitable for girls with a low pain threshold. After the process, the skin takes a long time to heal, as burns are formed on it.


Freezing with liquid nitrogen causes the tissue to die off. Subsequently, the skin comes off along with the pigment, and the colour of the dye becomes duller. The procedure is quite painful, so it is done under local anaesthesia.

Laser removal

The most popular and effective way to eliminate failed eyebrow tattooing. A laser pulse splits the pigment. Neodymium laser is suitable for all types of tattooing and perfectly copes with all shades of stain. The procedure should be done once every 1.5-2 months. The number of sessions depends on the depth of insertion, quality and brightness of the pigment. The laser does not cause burns; no scars appear after it.

Application of a new coating

A new tattoo is needed for girls with light-coloured eyebrows and irregular arch shapes. To decide on the body, we recommend first making a trial henna tattoo, going with it for a month and deciding whether you are comfortable with this image.

Colour correction to correct unsuccessful tattooing

You can correct the colour by applying neutralising pigments; these are called correctors. Each colour has antipodes, with the addition of which the paint goes to neutral shades. For example, a purple tone can be neutralised with a yellow corrector. Red tones turn into brown tones when adding green pigment, and so on.

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What should not be done with unsuccessful eyebrow tattooing

It would be best to avoid trying to remove failed eyebrow tattooing alone. Please do not attempt to remove it until the skin has completely healed. Study the techniques carefully and consult a professional who will choose the proper plan according to your skin type.